Who in the World Wants a Marketing Boutique?

My Pitfalls of Starting a Digital Media Business

Why would anyone want to become an entrepreneur? It’s hard work, long hours, you work by yourself mostly and it’s not always big bucks. Furthermore, why would anyone want to go through pitfalls to start a digital media business? But, it’s by far the best thing I could have done for myself 8-years ago when starting The Write Boutique. Read on to learn how I began this crazy-ass venture helping me thrive today.

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After working in advertising and media for over 4-years I had to come to terms how much I loathe working in those environments. I love the work I was doing but didn’t have faith in the other people around me. However, after being fired from my last marketing gig, I thought to myself why am I making all these other people wealthy while I’m still struggling with their low-paying jobs. When they invited me up to the breakroom on that Friday afternoon at 3 PM (this chop shop did this EVERY week) I knew the gauntlet was coming down but this time I was excited. I had been thinking about opening a business but wasn’t certain what I’d do or how to go about building a solo-entrepreneur company.

One of my previous colleagues, Mark Battalini is a terrific inspiration who dumped the ad world to run SEO Mavericks and he was performing well with his digital media business. Mostly, the catalyst for me was my father saying “You’ll never know unless you try.” And there I went out that office door, bouncing all the way to the car. I was FREE at last. But, free for what? I didn’t even think about how I’d make money or what exactly I was going to do to survive. It didn’t matter, I knew I wanted to be a writer and knew freelance writers were in big demand especially if they had SEO blogging experience, which I did. However, it wasn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, it was downright hard!

Running a business can be scary and confusing

I set up my home office and started reaching out to my friends with digital media business letting them know I was there to help them by handling their blog content. John Saunders gave me my first gig with 9-blogs at $10 a pop. I was so excited when I got my first PayPal from him I nearly asphyxiated! However, I began building my book of business with every company in town who needed bloggers. But, the learning curves were more like dangerous runways where one slip, you could crash and burn.

Honing Your Craft as a Writer is Half the Battle

I wasn’t much of a writer back then. I could write, but it wasn’t very good. I’ve spent the last 7-years studying writing and blog articles, not to mention SEO and social media play huge roles in my work activities. The more I wrote the better I became. I now look at what I do as a craft. An art. A creative outlet. But not all clients think that way.

Running a business takes time and can be stressful

I once had a customer who wanted extensive blogs about metal sheds. Yep, metal sheds. These were the most boring items to write about and he wanted up to 2,000 words per post. Talk about grueling. I must tell you, that was the first client I lost because they made me so nervous and were so hard on me, I almost gave up writing altogether. When you’re first starting out you make a lot of mistakes and I definitely am humbled to say, I’ve had my share.

When You're First Launching Your Business Even Toilet Paper has Value

Times were tough in the beginning. At first, the money was scarce. As a matter of fact, I stole toilet paper from the Burger King across the street. (I did give it back). I worked 12-14 hours a day prospecting, writing, meeting with customers and managing the business. After 4months passed I started making around $4,000 per month and was well on my way to a successful career as a freelance writer.

Copywriting and Graphic Design are Part of Good Branding

Today, I am still going strong and enjoy every chance I get to work with my customers. I strive to give excellent copywriting and craft up some creative graphics to sparkle with content. The biggest thing is I never gave up. Even when I had lost a few of my customers I kept my eye on how I’d win and have a happier life.
For those of you reading this article, if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, have faith and confidence. Even though it is a scary process, you’ll enjoy the ride and being your own boss is nothing short of AWESOME! Text or Call me to find out how you can overcome the hurdles of being an entrepreneur: 619-288-9350.

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