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14-Tips to Understanding Facebook’s Algorithms

Over the last decade, Facebook became a lucrative way for agents to reach clients. However, 2020 is proving to be different. Some of you are noticing a significant drop of people seeing your content. The low traction is causing the way we do things as marketers and business owners. These tips will bring you higher success giving you the most of your posts while meeting FB’s new algorithms.

Why Big Modifications?The changes came after the government reamed Zuckerberg on several counts of misleading advertisements and news sources. That being the case, we must find valuable solutions making the ability to post without interruption while complying with the new algorithms for 2020. The easy, quick posting method is no longer effective. Instead, creative campaigning will combat adjustments, getting you back to brand success.

  • For 2020, one of the biggest differences you’ll notice is getting back to ‘social’ with social media. It originally meant this aspect of using Facebook was to connect with friends, family, and clients. Zuckerberg and his cronies have gone back to ‘old school’ content. It is the year of “Social” where user experience trumps everything else. Connect with your commentators and followers by answering comments, and taking part in conversations. Ask questions, be interactive, and provide relevant info.
  • You gain credibility by taking the time to complete the ENTIRE profile. I see too many shortcuts by not filling out every field. Credibility is something Facebook is deeply concerned about and is now deleting millions of accounts because of things like fake profiles. Be sure to complete every detail. Not only will this prevent FB police from shutting you down, it allows your customers to learn more about you. People do business with those they know, like and trust. When in doubt, fill it out!
  • Facebook monitors how often you share other people’s content and how much sharing is being made with yours. The more you use this method, the kinder the FB-feds will be, resulting in more traffic. SHARE, share and share…
  • Another thing FB no longer likes is copy such as LIKE, Share or Follow this page. Instead, seek natural responses without prompting your audience. Stop coercing your visitors to like or share something, as it will only get you into trouble.
  • LIVE STREAMING and VIDEO are HUGE! They’re striving for an all video community. For those of you uncomfortable being in front of the camera or speaking to your cell phone, you can create assets like PowerPoint presentations exporting to video. There’s also a ton of software such as LUMEN5 that can help you make videos on the cheap. By creating videos or live streaming will inevitably help you gain more followers. I’ll also suggest using these features when you’re doing a walk through of your properties because it’s effective.
  • In addition, be sure to add a video directly to FB instead of using external links to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video platform. The reason being, FB wants to have exclusive content keeping users on their system.
  • The Fair Housing Act disclosure and logo should be included in your ads. Facebook is becoming stricter with real estate or housing content, ensuring we give followers equal treatment. We’ve been seeing a lot of rejections because of this issue.
  • Also, the Facebook Messenger feature is something being used to advertise. Before, we would use this tool to connect directly with someone. Now, automation creates a conversation with expected questions and answers, keeping your lead warm.
  • Another area of Facebook is juicing followership is through longer text and stories. Quick captions, cute headlines and short sentences aren’t as interesting. Instead, telling a story is much better than using a salesy sentence. Your followers and people seeing your posts will explode when using this form of marketing.
  • Speaking of your followers, there’s a recent decrease from 30% to 1% who sees your content. Why? Because FB wants you to spend money on ads. Although we want to call them ‘Jerks’, we can’t, because this is the way they do business. If you’re looking to gain some serious audiences, then pay for the ad spend. It’s essentially the only way to have more eyes on your page. Be sure to use the Facebook Business Manager and not “Boost” feature because the back-end manager offers more details and options than a boosted post.
  • Strive for eliminating followers who don’t interact with your messages. Focus on the quality of your conversations and not how many people are following. Some digital media consultants are recommending we delete inactive friends. Think about it. Would you rather have thousands of followers who will never do business or a hundred who will?
  • Paying an external party to build your audience is “black hat marketing” and just plain crazy! But, if you connect with groups and interact with people, your ability to juice up your numbers will grow steadily and strong. Black Hat marketing tactics will no longer work, and Facebook will shut you down if they catch you buying followers.
  • Using the right number and type of hashtags will make or break you. Also, the sweet number is 3-hashtags per post. Some people add a crazy amount where FB is frowning on this method. Also, don’t use zip codes with your hashtags. I’m not sure why they changed this part, but they no longer want us to use zips or states, but the country is okay. Whatever??
  • Fact check news links. If you copy/paste articles about politics or news, do your due diligence. Research qualifies info is true and not media opinions. “Zuch” got into big trouble allowing political posting without fact-finding. Stay away from false advertising, too. Making false claims like “This property is life-changing” isn’t factual. FB police will delete the post and block you altogether.

So, these are a few tips for beating the FB algorithms for 2020. Let me know your thoughts on any discrepancies. I’d like to learn more about your real estate business and how you’re tackling FB’s latest changes.
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