Improving Your Business = Marketing

Improving Your Marketing is Inevitable When You Own a Small Business

I recently heard someone describe running a business as being about marketing and improving. After giving this some consideration, I have to agree. Even as a marketer, I’m constantly seeking ways to promote and get my messages out there to my ideal customers. Here’s some other items you may want to consider as a business owner.

Tips for Small Business Marketing and Improving

1.) A good marketing plan has to be flexible because you will continue to look for ways to improve and be more efficient. However, marketing is only one asset and we need to always look for ways to be more effective whether you’re needing to organize or offer better products and services.

2.) Working requires putting in the hours. I improve my chances of success by increasing the hours I work. but I also manage my time effectively by staying away from my phone and Facebook.

Business owners are always seeking ways to improve and be more efficient

“I find social media to be distracting even though I make my living as a content creator.” ~ Eve Grzadzinski Grey
3.) Also, when you work from home people call you more often. I love my friends and family but I don’t take calls unless I’m on a lunch break or am done for the day. I simply turn it all off and if I’m on Facebook during normal business hours, its because I have to with the j-o-b.

4) Marketing is also time consuming for most real estate agents and entrepreneurs. You need to have a mix of items with several touch points and not just one. For instance, not everyone uses LinkedIn, but my clients are usually on it for a second. I do include the L for my mix but social media isn’t my only resource. I also use Craigslist, email marketing and video production to hit as many people as I can without having a large budget.

Don't Fear Your Business. Never be afraid to try new things.

5 ) I’m never afraid to try new things and when you advertise, some things will work while others need to get trashed. It’s that constant tweaking and improving that will cause your business to grow.

Scaling a business is hard until you understand as a CEO, owner of founder of your company you have to accept you’ll always market and seek improvement no matter what. I’m anxious to hear how you scale your business? Contact me for a coffee or conference 619-288-9350.

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