Benefits for Ranking with Google

How to get your website to rank on Google and other Search engines

What it REALLY Means to Rank in Search Engines 

There are many benefits for ranking with Google. However, to REALLY understand search engines; you need to pay attention to your website and your online presence. In this article I’ll give an easy to follow smack down of what it REALLY means to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how you can be on the 1st page of Google, Bing or Yahoo

Google should be your principal focus for ranking. Why? Google makes up over 86% of the search of people seeking products and services that solve their problem. Almost like a giant oracle, the Big G likes to refer to the Internet as the “Information highway” for a specific reason. 

 “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” ~ Unknown

Just imagine, over 81,000 searches happen per second. But how do you get your website to share the important information that makes your business unique? 

How to Rank: 

  • Optimize Your Websites and Landing Pages
  • Offer Outstanding Content with blogs, news and tips
  • Use Popular Keywords and Don’t Forget to Hashtag
  • Ask Your Clients for Google Reviews 
  • Stick Out from the Competition 
  • Use Both Internal and External Links Related to Topics
  • Use Tools like Yoast
  • Blog often with at least 1K – 1500K Words

Optimize Your Websites and Landing Pages

For optimizing your websites and landing pages, there are a few components that will help. Make sure all images and video on those pages offer Alt Keywords and a description. Most people are unaware when the spiders are crawling the net, how powerful your pics and video are to the bots which create the algorithms. Pictures and video files are widely popular where Google places them first, before all other content. They take a priority to text and words. But, be sure you don’t just upload the files. Fill out the descriptions using your keyword phrases and words. 

Offer Exceptional Content with Blogs, News & Tips 

When searching for answers using our computers and mobile devices, people want to be entertained. Provide content that is relative to the products and services your customers are seeking. Blogs are one of the most significant forms of content because they use nearly every trick in the book. Such as photos, videos and of course long and short tail keywords and phrases. 

Benefits for Ranking with Google Using Keyword Hashtags

Using popular keywords is vital to ranking in Google. To find proper keywords there are several tools like Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest. Moreover, you can also look at Wikipedia to find keywords or do a Google search for relative words. When posting to Facebook, you can find what ranks the highest by creating a post and a hashtag. Use the hashtags that have the highest number because that people are searching with. 

Customers Read Google Reviews Helping You Rank in Search Engines 

In receiving a review, most small business owners want them to come from Google. People use this as a trusted source of information, helping them decide. 

Stick Out from Your Competition with Google Content 

For verticals like Real Estate where there could be well over 20K agents in any state, you want to stick out from your competition. You can do that by creating incredible and compelling Google content. Position yourself as an expert with posting a fresh blog each week and you’ll see your ranking go up. In addition, when you write a good blog or article that keeps them reading, you won’t suffer from ‘Bounce Rate.’ Bounce rate happens as your customer bounces out of your website before a minute or two. That is why internal linking is crucial to avoid BR. Link to other pages that will apply to keep them on longer. 

Use Both Internal and External Links Related to Topics

Using the right links is yet another way to ‘Trump’ the search engines. For instance, if you just wrote an article on selling a home, link to your page for home valuations. That is an internal link. An external link is the copy/pasted URL of a site that may have relative info related to your topics. A good blog uses about 3-external links and 3-internal links to rank higher. 

Use Tools like Yoast to Rank Higher 

Now, if you’re an influencer or small business owner, your blogs will be more effective if you use tools like Yoast which grades your article’s content to match with SEO performance. Yoast also adds important elements to your website like sitemaps which helps spiders index your site. 

Blog often with at least 1K – 1500K Words

All SEO depends on sites or system algorithms. That being said, means paying attention to what the trends entail. A few years back 400 words were sufficient. Today, 2021 they are looking for 1,000 words or higher to push you higher. Remember, hiring an excellent writer who understands SEO copywriting is key to saving time and avoiding writer’s block. 

“The relentless search for better answers continues to be at the core of everything we do.” ~ Unknown Google

Now you know the importance and the benefits to ranking with Google. Remember, many sites take a few weeks for Google to realize you’re there. If you have a new website, post as much as possible, share on social media and don’t give up. Your hard work will keep you on the top of Google and other search engines without a doubt.

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