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“If No One Knows You Exist, Do You Even Have a Business?” ~ Eve Grzadzinski-Grey

Maybe you hired a marketing agency in the past who didn’t bring you results?… Until Teaming Up with The Write Boutique

Some of your friends and colleagues told you, to DIY your marketing or just post a casual somethin’, somethin’ on your FaceBook page and probably have you believing FB and Social Media do not work.

Worse yet, each time you gave it a round to post regularly you found there was not enough time every day to create content.

Perhaps, you’re one of those people without a creative bone in your body? You don’t know what to write, or where to begin and wonder how anyone succeeds using digital media.

Here are Statistics to Consider:

  1. In 2020 Global Ad Spend reached $605-Billion Dollars.
  2. Welcome Emails Have an 82% Open Rate and most people prefer their advertising through this vehicle.
  3. Companies that BLOG get 55% more web traffic.
  4. Google is responsible for 96% of ALL Smartphone Search Traffic.
  5. Customer Testimonies are Considered the MOST-Effective Content Marketing Tactics.

With all these stats, it is impossible to consider having a business where some form of marketing doesn’t exist.

How do you expect to grow when no one knows you?

“You Can’t Go Around the World on a 1/4 Tank of Gas” ~ Unknown

Have you ever looked at a business plan? If you have, there is a good chance a marketing section was included. These are usually at the front of any biz plan for a reason.

Over half of small businesses fail due to people either not wanting or needing your products and services. The other portion is poor marketing. When you don’t have marketing you will not grow because nobody knows your line of work is a solution to their problem.

If you don’t want to work a second job or give up the business altogether, you need to take action.

Why The Write Boutique?

My clients hire me for 4-Reasons:

  1. Experience
  2. Skill
  3. Creativity
  4. Time

I have over 9-years experience working in advertising, film production and marketing. I have a ton of skills (It is impossible not to have skills after 9-years. Think about it..)

Creativity isn’t something you can learn necessarily. You either have it or you don’t. I use my talent to make my clients stand out from the crowd, branding them while making them appealing to their customers.

Time is the BIGGEST reason of all why people hire me to do the job. By using me as a virtual assistant or the marketing professional allows them to manage their business doing what they love without stress. Isn’t that what you prefer?

Small Business Marketing for Home Improvement Contractors

Imagine not having to pump up your website with fresh new content. Someone does it for you.

Imagine NOT worrying about what to post on your business social channels.

Just imagine seeing results because people know you, trust you and like you.

Copywriting for Small Business

Are you ready to grow your business? Do you see the potential of working with an advertising professional who understands you and YOUR BRAND?

Let’s talk shop? Book a 15-Minute Discovery Call with Me to discuss the many possibilities for getting your business in front of thousands of people each week and securing those leads.

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